365 :: may 18, 2010

19 May

may 18, 2010. i’ve been craving homemade fried rice with thai curry sauce; however, seeing as how i’ve recently recovered from a bout of stomach flu and still very clearly remember the last time i made a curry-based dish in my apartment (clogged sink, curry stench for weeks, weak stomach… you get the idea), i opted for a curry-free fried rice.

after i got home from work, i set up a little prep station, turned on the a way with words podcast, and began microwaving jasmine rice (1 cup of rice, 1 3/4 cup water, a small pat of butter, salt, 5 minutes on high, 12 minutes on 50% power. perfect rice every time). for the veggies, i chose green onions, carrots, green thai peppers, and cilantro, which, i know, is technically an herb. after sauteing some garlic, i added the rice and let it sizzle a bit before adding fish sauce and soy sauce (low sodium) to taste. after those flavors came together, i added the carrots, green onions, and peppers, as well as some frozen, shelled edamame (in place of green peas). i made a well in the rice and scrambled an egg, which was then incorporated with the rice and veggies. to all this, i added pineapple chunks and shrimp and topped everything off with the cilantro.

all these things together equals a big yum.


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