365 :: may 6, 2010

11 May

may 6, 2010. so, i may have blacked out and lost all control of impulse spending because today i went to kidrobot and bought two cases of figures. there is, of course, a logical explanation: the dallas kidrobot pop-up shop is closing at the end of may. that’s reason enough to justify purchasing thirty-six vinyl art toy figures, right? did i mention that cases were 50% off? yes, that makes it much, much better.

my friend and i went in on the cases together and, afterwards, we sat in my car and devised a fair plan for splitting the loot before opening the blind boxes like kids opening toys on christmas morning. i made out in the tic toc apocalypse series and got totally screwed in the heroes & heartbreakers series. there was mad trade texting going on for the next few hours and, in the end, i’m quite happy with the state of my collections.

and to let you in on how totally crazy happy-meal-like toys can make you, i give you the kidrobot theme song my friend wrote: what you say and what you do, makes you a kid-robot-i-coo. lame, i know, but it’s pretty damn funny when he sings it in a popeye voice.


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