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a change is as good as a rest

28 May

as of today, this minute exactly, i’m taking a sweet respite from the labors of everyday.

in other words, i’m taking a bit of a vacation. or staycation, rather. and i plan to make the most of every day by doing the things i dream about when i’m at work. i’m going to…

sleep. so much. remember when you were younger and going to sleep was the worst? so much has changed.

clean. it needs to be done.

organize. this makes me giddy.

read. there’s a stack on books on my nightstand just waiting.

thrift. oh, how i love looking for something special in piles of nothing special.

take pictures. of everything.

cook. and then bake.

especially more macarons.

sew. vintage pillowcases and my mom’s old fabric are waiting.

gocco. or yudu. something will be silkscreened, i promise.

go on bike rides. there’s a new trail by the lake.

get lost in music.

have friends over for dinner. there may or may not be cocktails and flying.

and explore.


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365 :: may 25, 2010

25 May

may 25, 2010. two things:

1. happy geek pride daynerds are the best and i’m quite proud to be mildly (be nice) geeky. we have awesome eyewear, hold intelligent conversations, and get excited about things like…

2. the release of a new book, which i have been eagerly awaiting.

oh! and…

3. my car got broken into at work today. the parking lot and my car do not get along, apparently. maybe i’ll just have to quit. the only thing that got lifted was my iPhone charger, which, of course, i desperately needed at the end of the day. i wasn’t sure at first if i had just taken it out or if it was actually missing, but other things had been rifled though. i don’t know about this thief’s taste level, though, because he (why do i assume?) didn’t take any of my music. how cool was this guy if he left behind band of horses, she & him, beach house, the dead weather, the national, the new pornographers, nada surf, and a glee soundtrack? (please don’t judge on the glee soundtrack – i love me some showtunes. see number 1 above.)

365 :: may 24, 2010

24 May

may 24, 2010. um, my neighbors are pigs. i think that’s all i need to say (as i step over no less than sixty cigarette butts in the breezeway).

365 :: may 23, 2010

24 May

may 23, 2010. when we were little, my mom used to sew all of our clothes. i still have some of my dresses that matched my sister’s and some of the doll clothes that my mom also made. when i was at their house, i found two containers full of vintage fabrics in the attic. with just a glance at the contents, my heart went all soft and sentimental and i was instantly flooded with childhood memories. that blue, red, and white fabric peeking in right-hand corner? my dad’s pajamas that he wore for years. the brown gingham?  a dress for my sister’s fisher price jenny and mandy dolls. the red corduroy? christmas bloomer pants (why would she make those?). the red yarn? our own handmade raggedy ann and andy dolls.

i don’t know what i can make with all those bits of remnant fabric, but i am completely inspired to make something that will tie the past and present together.

365 :: may 22, 2010

24 May

may 22, 2010. the extremely long garage sale day ended with exhaustion, a pretty wicked sunburn, more money, and a good beer buzz at a rangers baseball game. now, if i had to make a list of sports i dislike, baseball would be at the top. i can’t stand watching it on tv. but going to a game isn’t so bad, especially when the tickets are free and somebody else is paying for the beers. it was actually quite enjoyable.

that is, of course, until the kiss cam started up and i realized i was sitting next to my ex-boyfriend. then? not so much fun. we both looked at each other and decided it might be a good time to go to the bathroom.

365 :: may 21, 2010

24 May

may 21, 2010. i spent the evening pricing previous treasures for a garage sale. previous treasures roughly translates to junk, in case you were wondering. i tend to collect and hoard objet d’crap. when i was younger, my mom would tell me to clean up my crap. i would always reply, “it’s not crap! they’re my treasures!” i had spirit, you have to admit that.

every so often, though, i feel like totally purging my, um, crap. so my friends and i decided to have a garage sale. i spent the night at their place drinking and pricing. poor lilly got caught in the action. she got tagged with a “make an offer” sticker. of course, there’s no offer in the world high enough for her. she’s priceless.

365 :: may 20, 2010

24 May

may 20, 2010. i spent the day in my office with the door closed. this never happens. my office is in the back of the library where everybody comes to socialize, so, naturally, i keep my door open to keep up with all the important goings-on in the building. or something like that.

but when i really have stuff to get done, the door closes and the ipod comes out, as it did today. i had to finish designing a rack card for the local history committee, for which i am the staff liaison. in a last-ditch effort to get city funding for our projects, we have to promote our resources outside of the community. so… we’re doing a rack card to put in hotels, convention centers, and state border stops.

all of this means that i finally had to learn how to properly use the pen tool in illustrator to make a custom map. it wasn’t so bad. if i could do it all again, i would totally ditch the librarian gig and have a mad affair with graphic design. i’ve fiddled my way through photoshop and illustrator enough to have gained more than a cursory knowledge of the programs, but i would so love to have an intricate understanding and lose myself in design work every single day.