365 :: april 23, 2010

26 Apr

april 23, 2010. this is what started the so much of so bad yesterday. i hadn’t even been at work twenty minutes when i was notified that a parked truck (obviously not securely parked) had rolled into the back of my car. my car that’s never been in a wreck. my car that’s almost paid off.

i think the rest of the day’s events seemed more miserable than they really were after that. is it really a bad thing to be repeatedly and rather annoyingly followed around by a library patron trying to chat you up? okay, yes, that was pretty miserable and actually quite stressful. i am so not used to being persistently asked out in roundabout ways. or even straight forward ways. why is me saying no not convincing? maybe i wasn’t assertive enough. or maybe because he’d been long ago dubbed “stupid college guy” by my co-worker and i.

when he asked what i like to do after work and i replied (mistake #1: replying), “go to concerts” (because i couldn’t concentrate and i was going to a concert that night), and he said, “what kind?” and i said, “indie rock,” he said, “are rocks concerts fun?” seriously. rocks concerts. i’m horrible and mean. trust me, i know this. in my defense, he also didn’t know how it would be inappropriate because i was a librarian and he was a patron because he didn’t understand how he was a patron. just a blank face and head scratch there. and then i just showed him where the item he’d originally asked for was. (it was space jam, by the way).


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