365 :: april 22, 2010

24 Apr

april 22, 2010. there is so much that went wrong with this day. so much. but the last four hours of the day were magical and exponentially brighter than the first twelve, so i’ll focus on those.

yann tiersen. how to express my love for this musician, this mind, this sound, this emotion? it’s impossible to find words to convey how yann tiersen’s music makes me feel; it’s abstract, intangible, undefined.

i could explain that when i was in paris last year, i listened to nothing but yann tiersen all day. and that at one point, while wandering through the markets of montmartre during déjeuner, la noyee was pulsing through my ears and my mind and the world was rushing by me and i felt perfectly still and swept away at the same time. like i was paused and the world around me was in fast-forward. it was bizarre and breathtaking and i’d never felt more alive, i’d never known more absolutely who i was, than i did in those moments. the beautifully overlapping and frenzied notes in la noyee will forever be associated with that experience.

and saying all of that? it still doesn’t express what his music means to me.

in all my years of listening to and appreciating yann tiersen, i never dreamed that he would play in dallas. i would have seriously planned a trip to france around one of his rare performances. so, when i found out that he was going to be in dallas, i knew where i would be on april 22, 2010.

and i was there, with a great friend who i haven’t seen in a long time (and with an all-access pass from my co-worker, whose sound engineer husband is on tour with yann).

and i heard this:

and this:

and i felt this: alive.


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