365 :: april 20, 2010

24 Apr

april 20, 2010. i got a DSLR camera last friday. after much research and a few tips from friends and favorite blogs, i decided on the canon rebel xsi. even though my weekend was hectic and i literally didn’t get to take the camera out of the box until late sunday evening, i’ve already found out two things: i love it and i have so much to learn. and because i’m a girl and i like cool, non-conformist accessories, i ordererd a houndstooth camera strap.

i’m a bit overwhelmed at the sudden influx of cameras residing in my tiny apartment right now. i think i’ve taken a picture of everything i own just to try things out. i’m dying to go to the dallas arboretum and spend the day testing out all the settings on unsuspecting flowers and trees.


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