365 :: april 18, 2010

18 Apr

april 18, 2010. i am so bad at meal planning and grocery shopping. i try to think of what to make ahead of time, but it never pans out (because i’m disorganized) and i end up going to the store several times a week for odds and ends. see? yet another reason i would be well-suited for living in england, where most shopping is done on a daily, as-needed basis.

this is actually a very full cart for me. shall we dissect the contents? yes? okay. in a slightly clockwise order: diet coke; yukon gold potatoes; mozzarella (pre-sliced); sour cream; garlic; basil paste; bananas; vine tomatoes; deli-sliced turkey breast (unseen); deli-sliced muenster cheese (unseen); shredded cheese; strawberries; whole wheat honey bread; leeks; pancetta; honey bunches of oats; rolls; goat cheese; vanilla soy milk; sunflower seeds; crushed tomatoes (unseen); bottle of shiraz (unseen).

this is a very ingredient-intensive cart. i plan on making homemade roasted tomato bread soup with basil and homemade potato leek pizza with pancetta sometime this week. other than when i cook a recipe, i’m basically good with the whole cereal/banana combo or a sandwich.


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