365 :: april 15, 2010

18 Apr

april 15, 2010. yeah, so probably more than you wanted to see. a bit more than i wanted to post, i’ll be honest. but i’m taking a suggestion and using a picture of a daily occurrence. gah, i’m a mess – look at the glass, the dried toothpaste drips, and the cap-less crest. i have to say, i’m not sure why i have a manual toothbrush in my cup (an old anthropologie glass whose design began to chip away after one too many trips in the dishwasher) as i am firmly pro-spinbrush pro.

here’s a question i’m a bit embarrassed to ask, but will put out there nonetheless: in the morning, do you brush before or after you eat breakfast? it seems reasonable to wait until after breakfast, which is what i do, because you’re only going to need to brush again when you’ve finished your eggs and bakey or cereal. unless, of course, you don’t eat breakfast (at home or at all) – then you brush before you leave the house.

all this from a singleton living alone. it might be completely different when you’re in a relationship or if you live with somebody. i was curious, so i asked a few people at work. the consensus seems to be brush after eating, which is oddly reassuring.


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