365 :: april 14, 2010

14 Apr

arpil 14, 2010. i’ve been cataloging classics all week. this, inevitably, has led me to believe that i want to read every single one that passes through my hands. okay, not every single one; i never want to read anything by william faulkner ever again, so intruder in the dust went on the shelves with relatively little commotion. the horror of producing a tightly written literary deconstruction of absalom, absalom! in my american lit class nine years ago is still too fresh. sleepy southern stream of consciousness and i shall remain distant acquaintances, not friends.

but most everything else is begging to be read. when i think that i did not enjoy non-required reading until my early twenties, i feel a bit sad and falsely nostalgic over lost time. how i would have loved to have read pride and prejudice as a teenager or alice’s adventures in wonderland as a child. as it is, i’ve just now finished alice’s adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass and it was lovely. i want to make my ten- and six-year-old nieces read it.

one of my goals for thirty in thirty is to read at least ten previously unread novels of classic literature (i tend to read modern fiction, so i’d like to make up for the gap between high school and now). so, the question remains: which ones? obviously, alice’s adventures is included in this list, so nine more. here are some of my anticipated choices:

cranford / elizabeth gaskell

dubliners / james joyce

tess of the d’ubervilles / thomas hardy

– little women / louisa may alcott

– anna karenina / leo tolstoy

– catcher in the rye / j.d. salinger

– jane eyre / charlotte bronte

animal farm / george orwell

– wuthering heights / emily bronte

– moby dick / herman melville

– madame bovary / gustave flaubert

– the french lieutenant’s woman / john fowles

oliver twist / charles dickens

is there anything essential that i am missing? what are your favorite classics?


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