365 :: april 7, 2010

12 Apr

april 7, 2010. i used to work at jason’s deli. besides taking orders, taking money, and taking deliveries, i worked catering prep in the early mornings during the summer. one of my duties was to make all the cold salads (pasta, chicken, tuna, and fruit) and prepare all the desserts. this included making the strawberry shortcakes before and after the lunch rush. let me tell you a secret: sara lee frozen poundcake, reddi whip topping, strawberries. so easy.

when i make this at home, i usually macerate the strawberries before putting everything together. slice a bowl of strawberries, toss in a few tablespoons of sugar, stir, and let it sit for thirty minutes or more. a sweet juice will be produced for drizzling. yummy.

for six servings, divide the poundcake into twelve slices. in a bowl, layer as follows: poundcake, whipped topping, strawberries, poundcake, whipped topping, strawberries. or you can layer everything in a larger dish and serve family-style.


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