365 :: april 10, 2010

12 Apr

april 10, 2010. after working a 12-hour day, i went straight to denton for my dream concert: camera obscura. yes, i did see them last year, but dreams can be recurring, no? though the line to get in was ridiculously long and slow (we bumped into gavin, tracyanne, and carey while waiting!), we eventually made it in and grabbed some beers before the opening act, princeton, went on.

oh, how camera obscura makes me happy! they played a lot of songs from let’s get out of this country (one of my most favorite albums ever) and i got video of let’s get out of this country and razzle dazzle rose (my current favorite song). some videos i wish i would have got: james, honey in the sun, my maudlin career… well, the whole thing, really.


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