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365 :: april 25, 2010

28 Apr

april 25, 2010. this is going to sound crazy and so be it: i have a hard time saying goodbye to converse. it’s not unlike the muppets’ saying goodbye, which makes me cry every single time. seriously, the converse brand has been my preferred choice of kicks for more than a decade. almost two decades, actually. give me a pair of chuck taylors and all is right with the world.

my first pair were turquoise hi-tops and i got them just before we went to my grandma’s in florida for summer vacation. i think i wore them every day that summer. and when i was a teenager, just discovering concerts and live music, i owned a particularly great pair of grape purple low-tops. because they were already pretty ratty, i started writing the names of bands and dates of concerts on them. i kept those for years after they completely fell apart.

this pair has been the best, i think. i have been so many places and have had so many great experiences in these shoes. they’ve been halfway across the world more than once. they’ve walked through the markets of camden and stood at the base of big ben. they’ve strolled down the avenue des champs-élysées in paris and up the steps of the sacré-cœur basilica in montmartre. they’ve walked on the cobblestones of old town alexandria in virginia and down the national mall in washington d.c. they’ve been to missouri and colorado and illinois. they’ve been to austin and heard explosions in the sky and the octopus project. they’ve been to denton and heard midlake, the flaming lips, and camera obscura. they’ve been all over dallas and heard the black angels, the toadies, radiohead, yann tiersen, mates of state, grizzly bear, death cab for cutie, and so many more great bands i can’t even list them all.

they’re an odd sentimental reminder and i really hate having to put them away (because it’ll probably take awhile before i actually throw them away), but the soles of both shoes are literally detached from the canvas and i’ve already purchased a new pair.

“saying goodbye. why is it sad? makes us remember the good times we’ve had…” those muppets knew what was going on.


365 :: april 24, 2010

27 Apr

april 24, 2010. good times, awesome friends, yummy food, great drinks (have you ever had a chocolate cake shot? it’s craziness). this get-together lasted well into the morning, when only six remained and we were all trying to outdo each other in lyrical precision for mid-to-late 90s dance club classics. then we started singing theme songs from children’s televisions shows. because there’s clearly a correlation between be my lover and fraggle rock.

365 :: april 23, 2010

26 Apr

april 23, 2010. this is what started the so much of so bad yesterday. i hadn’t even been at work twenty minutes when i was notified that a parked truck (obviously not securely parked) had rolled into the back of my car. my car that’s never been in a wreck. my car that’s almost paid off.

i think the rest of the day’s events seemed more miserable than they really were after that. is it really a bad thing to be repeatedly and rather annoyingly followed around by a library patron trying to chat you up? okay, yes, that was pretty miserable and actually quite stressful. i am so not used to being persistently asked out in roundabout ways. or even straight forward ways. why is me saying no not convincing? maybe i wasn’t assertive enough. or maybe because he’d been long ago dubbed “stupid college guy” by my co-worker and i.

when he asked what i like to do after work and i replied (mistake #1: replying), “go to concerts” (because i couldn’t concentrate and i was going to a concert that night), and he said, “what kind?” and i said, “indie rock,” he said, “are rocks concerts fun?” seriously. rocks concerts. i’m horrible and mean. trust me, i know this. in my defense, he also didn’t know how it would be inappropriate because i was a librarian and he was a patron because he didn’t understand how he was a patron. just a blank face and head scratch there. and then i just showed him where the item he’d originally asked for was. (it was space jam, by the way).

365 :: april 22, 2010

24 Apr

april 22, 2010. there is so much that went wrong with this day. so much. but the last four hours of the day were magical and exponentially brighter than the first twelve, so i’ll focus on those.

yann tiersen. how to express my love for this musician, this mind, this sound, this emotion? it’s impossible to find words to convey how yann tiersen’s music makes me feel; it’s abstract, intangible, undefined.

i could explain that when i was in paris last year, i listened to nothing but yann tiersen all day. and that at one point, while wandering through the markets of montmartre during déjeuner, la noyee was pulsing through my ears and my mind and the world was rushing by me and i felt perfectly still and swept away at the same time. like i was paused and the world around me was in fast-forward. it was bizarre and breathtaking and i’d never felt more alive, i’d never known more absolutely who i was, than i did in those moments. the beautifully overlapping and frenzied notes in la noyee will forever be associated with that experience.

and saying all of that? it still doesn’t express what his music means to me.

in all my years of listening to and appreciating yann tiersen, i never dreamed that he would play in dallas. i would have seriously planned a trip to france around one of his rare performances. so, when i found out that he was going to be in dallas, i knew where i would be on april 22, 2010.

and i was there, with a great friend who i haven’t seen in a long time (and with an all-access pass from my co-worker, whose sound engineer husband is on tour with yann).

and i heard this:

and this:

and i felt this: alive.

365 :: april 21, 2010

24 Apr

april 21, 2010. words of doom if i ever saw them. the internet went down shortly after the library opened and you’d think the world was ending. the looks of confusion and anger on people’s faces when, after obliviously bypassing two very large signs indicating the matter at hand, they couldn’t log on to their myspace, online poker, dating, and forum accounts! from this side of the desk, where the internet flowed freely (thanks to a separate network and different internet service provider), it was, dare i say, very amusing.

i wonder if somebody typed google into google? that’s dangerous territory…

365 :: april 20, 2010

24 Apr

april 20, 2010. i got a DSLR camera last friday. after much research and a few tips from friends and favorite blogs, i decided on the canon rebel xsi. even though my weekend was hectic and i literally didn’t get to take the camera out of the box until late sunday evening, i’ve already found out two things: i love it and i have so much to learn. and because i’m a girl and i like cool, non-conformist accessories, i ordererd a houndstooth camera strap.

i’m a bit overwhelmed at the sudden influx of cameras residing in my tiny apartment right now. i think i’ve taken a picture of everything i own just to try things out. i’m dying to go to the dallas arboretum and spend the day testing out all the settings on unsuspecting flowers and trees.

365 :: april 19, 2010

23 Apr

april 19, 2010. in which a budding artist hearts me. how cute is this drawing? del made me a book of her family as hearts and i was included, purple glasses and all. she’s awesome and deserves something awesome like this.