365 :: march 22, 2010

22 Mar

march 22, 2010. if all days off could be as great as today was, i’d never want to work again. it was one of those days when nothing in particular happened, but a lot of little things added up to make a wonderful day.

i started the day at kidrobot, where i finally scored the mcfaul dunny. it was actually quite simple. all i had to do was talk. the people (usually some form of indie guy) that work there are totally cool and helpful if you open your mouth and engage in witty conversation, which i’m usually too shy to do. the guy i chatted with today showed some stealth and picked (read: squeezed all the boxes until he felt the bulging foam hat) the correct blind box for me. all i had to do in return was give him a high five.

i walked over to the angelika and saw an education after that. i know a lot of people don’t like to see movies by themselves, but sometimes it’s pretty great, especially if it’s a film you’ve wanted to see for ages. and, as i knew i would, i loved it. once again, nick hornby (who adapted the screenplay) can’t be touched. i got home and, after downloading the soundtrack, ordered the original memoir by lynn barber.

and speaking of internet ordering, some of my things for my thirty in thirty project arrived today. i actually feel a bit overwhelmed as i have so many things i want to start working on. i just need to pick one thing and dive in.


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