365 :: march 20, 2010

21 Mar

march 20, 2010. the dinner club is in back in session. after several weeks of not hanging out, we all met up again at the vintage house (where everything is in the process of being retro-ized) for dinner and debauchery. there was an abundance of both, trust me.

we snacked on spinach dip while preparing grilled chicken with goat cheese and a lemon/butter/sun dried tomato/basil sauce. we also had crash hot potatoes and salad followed by kahlua coffee, apple pie, and cookies. this what happens when a lot of people who like to cook get together. there was also a crazy amount of liquids on offer (hence the debauchery, which, to protect the innocent, i won’t go into specifics). i did not know that limoncello was so good, especially in the form of a jello shot. because jello shots and goat cheese are classy together like that.


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