my favourite and my best…

10 Mar

though i am admittedly not a birthday party kind of girl (my favorite birthday was the one i spent alone in a foreign country), i am definitely a birthday party planner kind of girl. so, when i finally decided that i wanted to have a party for my thirtieth birthday and bring together all of my friends, i knew that i wanted something colorful, fun, quirky, and filled with scrummy things to eat and drink. thus, my favourite and my best became the theme of the party. if you are unfamiliar with my favourite and my best, i am sorry. please go watch some charlie & lola on youtube right away.

i sent out invitations through e-vites are normally high on the things that annoy me list, but i honestly did not have enough time to make handmade invitations that i would have been proud to send. so, if i had to send a digital invitation, i wanted it to be unique and well-designed, which is exactly what i found when i spent hours (no, really, hours) poring through the design choices. once you have decided on the design and specifics, you can share your invitations through e-mail, sms, postal mail, an event webpage, and with social networking sites.

because it was a favourite and best birthday party, i asked all my guests to bring their favourite and their best dishes – anything beside dessert, which i would provide. let me tell you about the food… so much good stuff: greek dip with pita bread, pesto & parmesan chips, chicken enchiladas, homemade tortilla soup, guacamole, jalapeno cornbread, drunken risotto (my favourite)…

asian hoagies…

fresh vegetables with roasted pepper aioli…

and a cheese platter with fresh blackberries.

in return for their bringing food to a party, i provided more food in the form of sweets.

chocolate kahlua mocha macarons. i have to say… these macarons were seriously amazing. exponentially better than my first attempt. i followed the same recipe for the macaron shells as before (adding two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder after partially folding the egg whites and the sugar/almond flour mixture) and used this recipe for the kahlua mocha buttercream filling. only crumbs remained at the end of the night.

chocolate bacon pigs. i made over 100 of these piggies and one of the best parts of the night were the reactions of the people who tried them. i made milk chocolate pigs with applewood smoked bacon and dark chocolate pigs with morningstar farms fakon (for my two veggie-loving friends).

the best ever chocolate chip cookies. seriously chewy, moist, and a tad salty. these were gone by the end of the night, as well.

and, because it was total dessert overkill, butter and butter-fudge cupcakes. i did not make these (a local cake legend did that job for me), but i really wanted cupcakes just to use these hilarious toppers. the ‘staches are awesome and i customized the speech bubbles with funny and snarky pop culture phrases…

to go along with the idea of favourite foods, my sister suggested a wine tasting. because i know absolutely nothing about wine, i agreed and had friends who wanted to participate in a blind tasting bring a bottle of pinot noir.

each bottle was wrapped in a brown paper bag and numbered.

all participants scored each wine based on sight, aroma, taste, legs, and overall appeal. the wine with the highest score was rewarded with a gift of pinor noir stemless glasses.

the favors were my favorite thing i made for the party. following not so humble pie’s recipe for sea glass candy, i made six pounds of hard candy: banana cream, raspberry, rootbeer, and buttered rum.

i bought colorful mini latte bowls from anthropologie,

filled them with the candy,

and boxed them up with leftover yarn and punched paper tags.

of course, i decorated with my ruffled streamers.

and i made everyone drink out of pick your nose cups.

i picked them (pun intended) with my niece lauren a few weeks ago.

i think they’re awesome.

and i think my party was pretty awesome, too.


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