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29 Mar

i have been putting off making something out of my etsy store for quite awhile. there was always one reason or another to not list something or not make something else. clearly, all just excuses for being scared.

i’m totally not the type of person to just jump into things headfirst. i like to know all the facts, i like to have everything sorted, i like to be completely prepared. so i started reading about operating a craft business. right now, i’m in the middle of reading the handmade marketplace by kari chapin, which is completely informative and trustworthy (in terms of crafters i admire offering advice throughout the book). there are so many things to know in advance: finances, marketing, taxes, audiences, profit margins, supplies, vendors, etc. i’m feeling more confident about moving forward now that i know a few more things.

so, i’ve been working on a banner for the etsy shop. my original etsy shop was under my not-so-serious-and-not-at-all-crafty username, so i registered another shop. i wanted the name to be something witty and related to libraries and, of course, my blog name (unfortunately, the card catalog was already taken). these were some of my ideas: overdue, date due, lost in the stacks, file under, see instead… you get the idea. my friend actually came up with the name that i went with: filed away. i like how it evokes the feeling of something lost and out of the ordinary.

i couldn’t decide whether or not to use cut paper or digital files to create the collage banner, but i decided to challenge my photoshop skills with digital art. i quite like how all the different patterns and textures are layered and the overall aged appearance (which, unfortunately, doesn’t translate in the uploaded pictures – it looks more neon 1980s vintage than i’d like). i might change it around a bit still, but i wanted to get something in place to start with.

i also made a banner for the blog to match. i’ll have to change the layout of the blog before i can add it, but i’m pretty excited. and it crosses off one thing on my thirty in thirty list, so yay!


365 :: march 29, 2010

29 Mar

march 29, 2010. this pizza reminds me of being a kid again. my mom used to let us help make homemade pizzas with what i thought at the time was homemade dough. it turns out the dough was really jiffy pizza crust mix, but what did i care? i just thought it was cool that we got to stretch out the dough and pile on stuff we liked.

i made homemade pizza dough from the pioneer woman’s cookbook today and it is pretty amazing. the recipe makes two crusts’ worth, so i put half in the freezer for later and used pesto, fresh mozzarella, vine tomatoes (half of which is sliced, the other half diced because i clearly cannot cut a tomato properly), and canadian bacon for a quick dinner tonight. so good.

365 :: march 28, 2010

29 Mar

march 28, 2010. after waking up extremely late (why am i staying up until 3 a.m.?), i planned on spending the day doing some graphic design work (this means putting in headphones, switching to the windows side of my mac computer, and fiddling around in photoshop). i was more than pleased, however, when a good friend called to see if i wanted to hang out. after he spied my growing dunny collection, we decided to head to downtown for kidrobot shopping and other cool artsy shops. we ended up at we are 1976, a beyond cool place to shop with tons of unique prints and letterpress items. i found out that they offer japanese-style bookbinding workshops, which i am totally going to do the next time one comes around.

365 :: march 27, 2010

29 Mar

march 27, 2010. my brother-in-law scored this awesome 1968 dixieland pinball machine for his upcoming birthday. after he got it set up with the neighbors, we all took turns playing. it was so interesting to inspect and really figure out how the machinery of a pinball machine actually works; there are so many intricacies and scoring possibilities. it was definitely like playing rock band – “one more game… just one more round… okay, this is the last time… oh, okay, once more…”

365 :: march 26, 2010

26 Mar

march 26, 2010. hello, dark cherry mocha frappuccino. you make me happy.

365 :: march 25, 2010

26 Mar

march 25, 2010. one of these things is too much like the other. can you find it? or am i a completely insane anal-retentive graphic design-sensitive freak?

uh, feel free to not comment on that last question. thanks.

this is a promotional bookmark for an online language service provided by my library, mango languages. it is a completely awesome service that offers courses in over twenty-two world languages. so, with over twenty-two world languages to promote, why does this bookmark use two references to the italian language side-by-side? they couldn’t even try to fool us by putting them on opposite ends. or better yet, they could have used another language reference, say for greek or english or spanish or arabic.

it annoys me so much.

365 :: march 24, 2010

26 Mar

march 24, 2010. so many great things can be made with old catalogs, scissors, glue, and paper. i could literally spend hours flipping through old magazines looking for interesting colors, textures, and patterns to cut out.

for the past few days, i’ve been doodling designs for an etsy/blog banner (both in my head and on paper) and i think i’ve finally come up with an idea i really like. the artwork of lauren child is definitely a huge influence on this idea and i really hope it turns out well. a little bit whimsical, a little bit bohemian, a little bit vintage… that would make it a lot bit perfect.