365 :: february 26, 2010

27 Feb

february 26, 2010. does anybody else love punch? it is my favorite at parties and this pina colada punch was the best ever. i’ve been planning a retirement party for a sweet friend at work for the past few weeks and today was her last day. everything went smoothly and there was a great city-wide turnout. and, oh yeah, i cried in front of about one hundred people. that seems about right.

i can’t make emotional presentations (there had better not be any footage of me at my sister’s wedding. gah.), and saying good-bye to my friend was definitely hard. remember my admission of relating to mature people? my friend is seventy-three and has always been there for me, supported me, and has always wanted nothing but the best for me. she’s listened to the highs and lows of my life these past eight years and i’ve listened to hers, usually over an italian lunch or a game of wahoo. i don’t know what i’ll do not being able to see her every day. she really is more than a friend. she’s family.

(and, yes, just writing this made me cry).


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