365 :: february 23, 2010

27 Feb

february 23, 2010. dear nick hornby, you’re swell. you just get it, don’t you – the vital role music can sometimes play in relationships of all sorts (and the importance of asserting and fostering one’s own musical point of view); the excitement and honesty that comes with e-mailing nearly perfect strangers; the sometimes quiet nagging that comes with a life of simplistic decadence, of doing exactly what you want when you want because there’s no one else to consider. well done, you great english writer, you.

i am an ardent nick hornby nerd and i’ve been impatiently waiting for his newest book, juliet, naked, to arrive at the library for some time. unfortunately, this wait has been very slow going, so i picked it up at the bookstore the other day and was, again, instantly smitten with hornby’s modern storyline and prose.

don’t you love when you instantly connect with a character? as if that character were written as a secret only you could understand? i feel that way with this book. i used to agree with meg ryan’s character in you’ve got mail (gah, i can’t believe i’m divulging my love for this sappy movie, but i will watch it every. time. it comes on): “sometimes i wonder about my life. i lead a small life – well, valuable, but small – and sometimes i wonder, do i do it because i like it, or because I haven’t been brave? so much of what i see reminds me of something i read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around?” the other way around, for me, is this book. so much of what has happened in my life, i’m reading in this book.


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