365 :: february 19, 2010

20 Feb

february 19, 2010. and so it begins, my quest to master the art of french macarons. i’ve been a tad obsessed with trying to figure out how to make these confections for quite awhile now and sunday night will be my first attempt. why the egg picture on a friday night, then? you have to age egg whites at room temperature in an immaculately clean, uncovered bowl for at least twenty-four, but up to forty-eight, hours. this turns my stomach a bit, but as a culinary-minded co-worker pointed out, the egg white were warm inside the chicken, so what’s a few hours on a countertop?

expect lots more information on macarons. and perhaps a few triumphant photos? hopefully, though from what i have read (and, trust me, i’m not kidding when i say obsessed), success appears to be fleeting on the first, oh i don’t know, one hundred attempts.


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