365 :: february 17, 2010

18 Feb

february 17, 2010. i don’t want to complain, but… i am so sick of being sick. after a seven-day stretch of bronchitis & a severe sinus infection last month, i didn’t think i would be visiting the doctor’s again so soon, but, alas, another (minor) sinus infection.

to make the most of yet another sick day, i pulled out my sharpies (okay, bic mark its) for some easy-peasy crafting. as soon as alli from one pearl button posted her tutorial for diy vinyl stickers, i knew i wanted to make some to put everywhere. these are seriously easy to make, cheap (i already had all the supplies), and come off quite easily (because i stuck mine all over the bottom of my mac). i used some sublime stitching patterns i had from my stitch-it embroidery kit, but you could stamp images, print off line drawings from the computer, draw you own pictures… anything.

i think i might make some custom and personalized stickers to put in party favors for my birthday party. how old am i going to be again? five? no, that’s right… thirty. but who wouldn’t like cool stickers? i’ll call them decals and nobody will ever know.


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