365 :: february 10, 2010

11 Feb

february 10, 2010. see these roasted tomatoes? they were part of the best soup. ever. seriously. what could have been better on a cold night (snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow) than piping hot, savory, sweet, thick, and delicious tomato basil bread soup? i’ll tell you: nothing. sara found the recipe, which only calls for five ingredients: roasted vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic infused olive oil, fresh basil, one demi loaf of country bread, and a can of crushed tomatoes. the best part was how the bread practically melted into the tomatoes. i hate to be twee, but i have to use a britishism here. scrummy.

sara and i also hashed out the plans for our valentine’s eve julia child dinner party. the menu is as follows: salad with french vinaigrette, sauteed potatoes, buttered peas, boeuf bourguignon, and a cream cheese tart. we nerdily pored over the pages of mastering the art of french cooking, making notes, flipping between references, and excitedly (nervously?) assigning duties. i’m in charge of the boeuf bourguignon (which i cannot seem to spell without the aid of spellcheck) and sara will be making the salad, peas, and tart. the vin and the potatoes will be handled by the boys, though we are a bit worried about their dedication to the cause. we want everything to be authentic julia. including the crude language and scandalously dirty references. we might have to fight over who gets to say, “these damn things are hotter than a stiff cock.”


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