8 Feb

it’s been quite a good few weeks for thrifting around here. first there was the couch.

just in case you forgot how great it is.

the people who sold the couch continued their estate sale this weekend and my friends and i were invited to come back friday night for a sneak peek and dibs. they had a room full of craft supplies and i was a bit disappointed after poking around for ten minutes. but then the seller unearthed a box of silk thread and i was smitten.

who really needs a box of old silk thread that can’t be practically used? the thread would disintegrate quite quickly if you actually tried to use it for a project, but i could not resist a box of color in so many shades, tones, and vibrancies. it was just lovely and only $4. and the wooden spools! how great are they? is it just me?

i also picked up a magazine holder for $5. it has a slight art nouveau vibe, which is why i was drawn to it. and i have lots of magazines coming my way.

then, as we were leaving, one of seller’s daughters mentioned how much i had admired the spool holder in the craft room (i had asked if it was for sale, but, unfortunately, it was staying). then the seller said if i really liked it, i could have it for $10 – only if i took all the thread that was on the rack, as well. more vintage thread and spools!

i decided to hang it as art. i love all the colors in an random arrangement and the bits of threading hanging down everywhere.

i felt very happy with my thrifty friday night, but then, on the way to work on sunday, i saw a sign for an estate sale. i usually wouldn’t have stopped (especially since i was supposed to be at work in thirty minutes), but i was just too curious. you just don’t see many estate sales in the city where i live. i doubted if they’d have anything good; i was right and wrong. most of the stuff was junk, thrown in piles around the floor. but after a bit of digging in that junk, i found some really good stuff. or, at least, i think so.

do you know how much i love old children’s books? i do. it’s definitely not the librarian loving books as a deposit of knowledge thing – that doesn’t apply to me. it’s more the aesthetic, the graphic, the illustrative aspect of children’s books that i love. how great are these?

yes, some of them are in really shabby condition. but they were only $1 each and most have a publication date from the 1940s, so i think the price was well worth it.

i also stumbled across a beautiful, albeit a bit dusty, embroidered scene. the frame isn’t the best either, but i can paint it and it will perfectly quaint.

i think i just really like the birds.

can you imagine how many hours somebody spent on this? all the stitches, one-by-one, and then it gets sold for $2. poor them. lucky me.


2 Responses to “thrifted”

  1. rikki February 10, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    1. I LOVE the couch.
    2. I can think of a few friends houses in TC whose (who’s??) parents have some pretty retro stuff that would make a nice estate sale one day…haha!
    3. I’d love to see your apartment one day…I bet it’s cutesy patootsy.

    • Megan February 10, 2010 at 10:24 am #

      oh, rikki, you can come over any day! it would be great to see you and your cute kids! let me know if those estate sales ever happen 🙂

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