365 :: february 4, 2010

6 Feb

february 4, 2010. what a guy, what a guy. this guy really is one of the best people you’ll ever meet. just an all-around good person. i’ve known him for almost seven years and i have to say, i hope one day i can be like him, even if in a very small way. he’s honest, hard-working, selfless, cheerful, genuine, caring, has a great sense of humor, is a fan of frank sinatra, and so much more.

i know him because he is my volunteer at work. every tuesday and friday he comes into the library and works for five hours. he processes dvds, jackets books, stamps, tapes, organizes, cuts, and on and on and on. we would be lost without him.

he always has great stories from back in the day and always, without fail, asks me for the gossip. he checks up on me, too. not a tuesday or friday has gone by without him asking me if i’ve been out carousing. “it’s good for you, you know,” is what he says.

i’ve had him and his wife (who volunteers at the library, as well) over for dinner. i’ve been to their house for game night. we’ve even hung out outside of this country – we were both in london at the same time and spent a day together. what can i say? i’ve been told that i have an old soul and i just get along really well with people who are a bit, um… mature.


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