365 :: february 3, 2010

3 Feb

february 3, 2010. today was a well-balanced mixture of productivity and leisure. and even the productive bits were done in flannel pajama pants and a warm hoodie, so that makes it leisurely, too, no? part of my beginning of the year tidying and organization included cleaning out my crafting supplies, which, if you craft, you know tends to quietly build until you have so much of so many that there is really no way all of it will be used. ever. so i had a good clearing and welcomed myself to circa 1996. in other words, ebay. i photographed and made listings for seventeen of my rarely-used (if ever) stamp sets. it really does feel good to be rid of so much clutter and making a few extra bucks is always welcome.

the leisurely part of my day consisted of devouring a whole book without leaving my bed, drinking hot cups of coffee, and listening to midlake’s new album, the courage of others, on repeat. it feels like such a comforting follow-up to van occupanther. if you head over to their website, you can download the denton sessions (hell yeah for local bands!)


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