1 Feb

it’s no secret that i have a soft spot (well, an itchy and wooly spot) for old sweaters. there is so much that can be done with these lovelies. i’ve amassed quite a stock of striped and colorful wool sweaters from thrift stores and i finally did some more projects with them this past winter. specifically, i made some bunting. or, depending on where you fall on the linguistic continuum, garland.

the first time i felted a batch of sweaters, i was very nervous. but the system never fails if you do it correctly – it’s like crafty magic. check out these tips from craftstylish.com and crafting a green world before you select and wash your sweaters. trust me. it is well worth taking the time to read up on the process before you begin.

this whole project took me less than an hour to complete and that included drawing up the penant pattern and cutting the sweaters.


  • an assortment of felted sweater pieces measuring at least 9″ x 7″. i used eight different sweaters with different patterns, colors, and textures
  • flag pattern template [template pdf]
  • scissors
  • one package of double fold bias tape. i like using a bright coordinating, yet contrasting, color
  • coordinating thread
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine

using the template, cut out eight flags. unfold the bias tape on the floor. leaving approximately 12-15″ bias tape on both ends, arrange and place flags, equally spaced (about 3.5″ between each flag), along the tape. sandwich the flags between the folded bias tape and pin in place. run the tape through the sewing machine and you’re done. i cut down the ends of the bias tape a bit after sewing it, but really, that’s it.

tutorials for all types of bunting (garland?) have taken over crafty sites everywhere recently, so here are a few of my favorites. i really want to try making some bunting out of old maps using some of these techniques. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

mini bunting birthday card [how about orange]

newspaper bunting [maya*made]

decorative bunting [stitch rip repeat]

felt circle garland [anna maria horner]

valentine’s day mini bunting [lavender and limes]

pom pom vines garland [once wed]

mini fabric bunting [twirling betty]

paper lace garland [project wedding]

coffee filter bunting [pam garrison]

party garland [the purl bee]

scalloped fabric garland [sew mama sew]

yarn pom pom garland [one pearl button]

2 Responses to “bunting…”

  1. indigostitch March 30, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    These are lovely…what a great use for tatty old jumpers!

    • Megan March 31, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

      thanks! i’ve been collecting old wool sweaters for so long – i’m glad to have something different to make with them!

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