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365 :: february 26, 2010

27 Feb

february 26, 2010. does anybody else love punch? it is my favorite at parties and this pina colada punch was the best ever. i’ve been planning a retirement party for a sweet friend at work for the past few weeks and today was her last day. everything went smoothly and there was a great city-wide turnout. and, oh yeah, i cried in front of about one hundred people. that seems about right.

i can’t make emotional presentations (there had better not be any footage of me at my sister’s wedding. gah.), and saying good-bye to my friend was definitely hard. remember my admission of relating to mature people? my friend is seventy-three and has always been there for me, supported me, and has always wanted nothing but the best for me. she’s listened to the highs and lows of my life these past eight years and i’ve listened to hers, usually over an italian lunch or a game of wahoo. i don’t know what i’ll do not being able to see her every day. she really is more than a friend. she’s family.

(and, yes, just writing this made me cry).


365 :: february 25, 2010

27 Feb

february 25, 2010. a night out with my favorite sister came at exactly the right time this week, which has been crazy and long, to say the least. i took her to see my favorite canadian twin sisters play at the palladium ballroom.

i’m very interested in getting some kind of video recording device for concert footage (beside my camera), so i borrowed a flip video to test it out. i recorded almost fifteen songs, but only a few turned out well because as soon as the bass kicked up, the volume dropped significantly. i uploaded a few acoustic songs (so no bass interference) if you’re interested. any suggestions for a good portable video recorder?

365 :: february 24, 2010

27 Feb

february 24, 2010. dulce de leche. put that in some coffee, please, with just a splash (well, maybe more) of kahlua, and top with whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. that was our dessert after dinner, sara’s and mine. as we’d already consumed more than a few glasses of wine, there was quite a bit of absolute nonsense going on after these coffees.

365 :: february 23, 2010

27 Feb

february 23, 2010. dear nick hornby, you’re swell. you just get it, don’t you – the vital role music can sometimes play in relationships of all sorts (and the importance of asserting and fostering one’s own musical point of view); the excitement and honesty that comes with e-mailing nearly perfect strangers; the sometimes quiet nagging that comes with a life of simplistic decadence, of doing exactly what you want when you want because there’s no one else to consider. well done, you great english writer, you.

i am an ardent nick hornby nerd and i’ve been impatiently waiting for his newest book, juliet, naked, to arrive at the library for some time. unfortunately, this wait has been very slow going, so i picked it up at the bookstore the other day and was, again, instantly smitten with hornby’s modern storyline and prose.

don’t you love when you instantly connect with a character? as if that character were written as a secret only you could understand? i feel that way with this book. i used to agree with meg ryan’s character in you’ve got mail (gah, i can’t believe i’m divulging my love for this sappy movie, but i will watch it every. time. it comes on): “sometimes i wonder about my life. i lead a small life – well, valuable, but small – and sometimes i wonder, do i do it because i like it, or because I haven’t been brave? so much of what i see reminds me of something i read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around?” the other way around, for me, is this book. so much of what has happened in my life, i’m reading in this book.

365 :: february 22, 2010

23 Feb

february 22, 2010. my last monday off for a few weeks. i slept in, mailed some ebay goods, visited with my mom & dad a bit, and went to anthropologie, cake carousel (where i purchased a pig candy mold, which means serious awesomeness in the near future), and whole foods, who, i must say, has the best produce cardboard boxes i’ve ever seen.

365 :: february 21, 2010

23 Feb

february 21, 2010. after a breakfast of banana pancakes, lauren and i headed out to mockingbird station for shopping and lunch. we started at urban outfitters (for her) and ended at kidrobot (for me), where i introduced her to dunnys. we each picked a dunny fatale and mine ended up being the @my ruppel 1/100 chase, which i already have (directly through the artist). so, my lucky day because they are selling on ebay for about $75.

after mockingbird station, we headed to northpark mall for paper-source, a store in which i could spend hours. really. i could tell lauren was a bit bored, but how is that so? there are so many awesome and kitschy things to look at. and tons of paper, too. she was really good about it, though, but that’s only fair because i waited for her to pick out and try on clothes for almost an hour. we had a yummy late lunch at p.f. chang’s, as well, so it was a really great day.

365 :: february 20, 2010

23 Feb

february 20, 2010. my cute fifteen-year-old niece lauren spent the night. i was fourteen when lauren was born and i lived with her until she was six, so she’s like a little sister. it’s crazy to me that she is now older than i was when she was born. insane.

we had a good time chatting, making vinyl stickers, watching re-runs of the office on netflix, and making the best chocolate chip cookies ever.