365 :: january 29, 2010

30 Jan

january 29, 2010. finally! i have finally won a game of monopoly. for the first time. ever. see my friend? she’s trying to make a deal. but it won’t pan out. because see those railroads? see all that money? see all those blank properties? it all became mine over the course of two hours, despite a fair amount of trash talking from all parties involved. this has seriously never happened to me before. i’ve always been walloped by everybody i’ve ever played. but no longer! in addition to all four railway stations and both utilities, i owned everything from park lane through pentonville road. it was called the corner of death. and then, starting with whitechapel road and old kent road, i built a slum lord empire that fueled my opponents’ rapid bankruptcy. it was awesome.

did i mention it was the british version (bought at the famous hamleys toy store in london)? i think that’s why i won. the innate britishness called to me and taught me the ways of international finance and trickery. if only they had an underground monopoly… well, i can’t even think about it. *update: it exists!


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