365 project

3 Jan

my resolutions for 2010 are relatively low-key. they involve giving reading resolutions another whirl (there are just some times in life when you don’t feel like reading a lot. 2009 was like that); they involve saving money; they involve using my new yudu and selling things; they involve spending more time in this blog space; and, lastly, they involve taking pictures. one picture each day to be exact.

so, the 365 project begins (or began, actually). i already tend to snap pictures of random things in the everyday world that catch my eye – colors, shapes, patterns, finishes, textures, etc. these things fascinate me; there will be a lot of pictures like that. some days will involve nothing more than going to and from work; there might be a lot of pictures of either spine labels or books. a lot of days will consist of spending time with friends and family; there might be a lot of pictures of little kids with static hair. some days will (hopefully) involve travel; though i know there will not be a picture of the eiffel tower this year, there might be a lot of far away pictures.

but, most importantly, there will be pictures. pictures to document my life. pictures to remind me what a great life it is. pictures that will represent the year i turned 30.


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