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365 :: january 30, 2010

31 Jan

january 30, 2010. homemade pizza with s & the boys tonight. it was one of those nights where we didn’t really do anything, but it was actually great because of that, you know? we happily drank wine and chatted about day-to-day trivialities and crazies at the library while prepping toppings (italian cheeses, canadian bacon, green bell pepper, roma tomatoes, purple onion, pineapple, and fresh basil) and all through dinner. afterwards, we listened to and discussed music, not such an easy task with two music lovers (ahem, snobs) in the room. at times, we vociferously tried to convince the other to abandon opposing musical preferences (elliott smith, for example. for or against? discuss). i really am so lucky to have such a great group of friends and it seems as if we have all fallen into a nice, easy, comfortable, and mature (and sometimes very decidedly not mature, in the best way) relationship.


365 :: january 29, 2010

30 Jan

january 29, 2010. finally! i have finally won a game of monopoly. for the first time. ever. see my friend? she’s trying to make a deal. but it won’t pan out. because see those railroads? see all that money? see all those blank properties? it all became mine over the course of two hours, despite a fair amount of trash talking from all parties involved. this has seriously never happened to me before. i’ve always been walloped by everybody i’ve ever played. but no longer! in addition to all four railway stations and both utilities, i owned everything from park lane through pentonville road. it was called the corner of death. and then, starting with whitechapel road and old kent road, i built a slum lord empire that fueled my opponents’ rapid bankruptcy. it was awesome.

did i mention it was the british version (bought at the famous hamleys toy store in london)? i think that’s why i won. the innate britishness called to me and taught me the ways of international finance and trickery. if only they had an underground monopoly… well, i can’t even think about it. *update: it exists!

365 :: january 28, 2010

29 Jan

january 28, 2010. a lovely rainy day. my favorite kind of day. the kind of day you want to spend inside reading and listening to bon iver. not the kind of day you want to spend at work calling the police because two patrons are in the midst of a rapidly escalating altercation, one of which you later find out is off his meds and the other of which, you learn, has a warrant out for his arrest. it is also not the kind of day you want to spend at work waking a loudly snoring patron every few minutes because kids are starting to laugh. seriously, even when i helped him find books in the stacks, he fell asleep standing up. at least he didn’t drool on me this time. sigh. what a day.

365 :: january 27, 2010

27 Jan

january 27, 2010. er, i think i’ve gone a bit dunny mad. i tend to do this with collecting things, you see. dunnies are especially hard to resist because they can be funny, disgusting, cute, political, sleek, interesting, tongue-in-cheek, sad, crazy, and about a million other things. they are easy to collect, as well, because they are relatively inexpensive and half the fun of collecting them is their packaging. each dunny comes in a blind box, so you never know exactly what you are going to get. clever, cheeky marketing on their part; blind (no pun intended) submission on mine. i really just love how they are consistently inconsistent, how they are the same shape and size, but each one is rendered completely different by their artist. have i justified my new obsession enough? yes, i think i have.

365 :: january 26, 2010

26 Jan

january 26, 2010. cake. italian cake. lemon italian cake. cold lemon italian cake. that’s all.

365 :: january 25, 2010

25 Jan

january 25, 2010. it is well worth working the occasional saturday and/or sunday to have the odd monday off. so much of nothing important was done today, which was perfect. i drove to lower greenville and spent time in good records and lula b’s before heading to mockingbird station, where i collected some ye olde english dunnies at kidrobot (damn blind boxes! the mcfaul & triclops dunnies keep eluding me). a few stops later and i was at central market picking out yummy things to pack in my lunch this week. i know this can all be done on the weekend, but there’s something pretty great about doing it when everybody else is at work… and i’m not.

365 :: january 24, 2010

24 Jan

january 24, 2010. sometimes i really miss her.