three sneezes…

17 Oct

three consecutive sneezes is all i need to know that a cold is approximately two days away. it’s like clockwork, i tell you. three sneezes on tuesday afternoon; sick on thursday night. it never fails. though i’ve spent the last few days in a sinus-induced fog, i’ve managed to accomplish a few very important things.

such as rekindling a teen crush on pete & pete. how much did i love this show? as much as little pete loved petunia, that’s how much. i totally wanted to be pete & pete’s sister. my name would have been pernella. if i’m being truthful, i think i really just wanted red hair. i was reminded of this mid-90s nickelodeon awesomeness by listening to ciao my shining star, a tribute album of mark mulcahy’s music. how does mark mulcahy equal p&p greatness? mark mulcahy formed polaris, the house band who performs the show’s opening song, hey sandy. i spent more than a few hours yesterday becoming reacquainted with all the oddities of wellsville. as always, i’m strangely enamored with steve buscemi, who plays ellen’s father, phil hickle.

another accomplishment? writing a blog post, which is probably more amazing than artie, the world’s strongest man.


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