doing the iPod shuffle…

19 May

so, i totally stole this from facebook, to which i am now totally addicted, there’s no way to deny it. i’m turning my iTunes to shuffle (technically, it is almost always on shuffle. my friend gives me a hard time about not listening to albums all the way through, but that’s how i prefer my music – random) and i’m listing the first 25 songs and i promise not to skip the embarrassing ones. in fact, they will be denoted with an asterisk (*) for your gloating pleasure.

format: number. song – artist – album

1. re: stacks – bon iverfor emma, forever ago

2. burn your life down (live) – tegan & sara – live session (iTunes exclusive) ep

3. casimir pulaski day – sufjan stevenscome on feel the illinoise!

4. here comes santa claus – trey johnson – homemade christmas compilation

5. electric feel – mgmtoracular spectacular

6. can song – sonic youthgoo

7. field day jitters – tripping daisyjesus hits like an atom bomb

8. play for today – the curestaring at the sea: the singles 1979-1985

9. fight test – the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots

10. on the flip of a coin – the streetseverything is borrowed

11. like spinning plates – radioheadamnesiac

12. *blueberry pie – bette midlerfor our children

13. nice ‘n’ easy – frank sinatragold frank sinatra

14. pet sounds – the beach boyspet sounds

15. that was the worst christmas ever! – sufjan stevenssufjan stevens: songs for christmas

16. back in your head – tegan & sarathe con

17. when you sleep – cakeprolonging the magic

18. it’s almost a trap – architecture in helsinkifingers crossed

19. *the trouble with love is – kelly clarksonlove actually soundtrack

20. swedes in stockholm – tokyo police club – your english is good/swedes in stockholm – single

21. yuko and hiro – blurthe great escape

22. still remains – stone temple pilotspurple

23. leash – pearl jamvs.

24. right by conquest – the fiery furnaceswidow city

25. raincoat song – the decemberistsalways the bridesmaid: vol. 3

overall, not too bad. i cringed each time a new song came on fearing i would have to divulge a guilty pleasure.

oh, go on, i’ll give you one for free: sara by starship. i honestly don’t even know how i got this, but i don’t always skip to the next song when it comes on…


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