so, yeah…

17 May

remember that quilt i started in january? it was a lap quilt. a quick project. heh.

sewing machine

well, i guess it could have been quick if i had actually put forth an effort, which, clearly, i did not, because, looking at my calendar, i see that it is now may (you do the math). i’ve been in a weird uninspired funk and i haven’t felt like sewing, crafting, reading, (ahem) blogging, etc., but today i woke up and thought, “i’ll finish it today! i will!” and what do you know? i did.

sewing maps

i love the backs of quilts, if done neatly and correctly. it’s almost like a fabric map of city streets, lines intersecting and running parallel and hiding something unknown and interesting underneath the surface.

quilt top

the lap size quilt is actually pretty big. it would be great to take on a picnic, assuming i did such things. or it would be perfect for a baby, assuming i had such things. now i just have to do the actual quilting bit, which i’ve never done. i know someone, though. i’ll let you know in another few months…


3 Responses to “so, yeah…”

  1. slh07 May 18, 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    I think we should go on a picnic. Is it acceptable to drink boxed wine in public? I mean, it’s from a BOX… glass-free!

    Aaaaand off to AA I go…

  2. Megan May 18, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    that would tie things up nicely – a picnic and a baby! and the wine? don’t you know it’s an adult juice box? that’s what you bring to a picnic, so it’s clearly acceptable. we could introduce e to authentic al fresco dining…


  1. sweet william « the card catalog - November 2, 2010

    […] finally finished the quilt a few months ago – hoorah! the actual piecing was done (gulp) last year (notice a [no pun intended] pattern here?). i finally got around to getting it […]

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