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thrifty goodness…

31 May


some new thrifty finds for you today.


i got this canister at an estate sale yesterday. the house was full of nice stuff (nice means things that were too expensive, even at 50% off). i didn’t find anything in the ladies’ part of the house (fox stole, anyone?), but found this in the husband’s study. it’s an enamelware tin and it’s a bit tacky and a bit twee, no? it was chock-a-block full of several decades’ worth of matchbooks and hard candy. price: $0.50.


i picked up these plates at the local thrift store. i love the milk-glass look and the funky orange-brown-yellow color combination of the owl-eye-esque circles. price: $0.64.

good master

i spied this book in my library’s ongoing book sale and grabbed it, holding tight. is this not the prettiest cover? it reminds me of lovely german folklore and hannah’s beautiful clothes. i had to clean it up a bit, but it was well worth the price:$1.00.


sometime last year, i decided i wanted matryoshka doll curtains. it didn’t pan out (thankfully?), but i still have a touch of nesting doll fever. again, i spied this lovely girl at the estate sale in the husband’s study. they are authentic dolls from germany and i giddly counted out the ladies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…


8! Eight little dolls, with the littlest measuring no more than the tip of my pinkey. this was my big splurge of the day: $17.50.

london dolls

these girls weren’t really a thrifty find. i got them in london on portobello road, but i didn’t want them to feel left out.

i plan on spending the rest of the day on a new project: a stop motion film. i’ve spent a few days trying to come up with a storyline, materials, music, etc., and still have no firm plans, but there’s nothing better than chaos for creation, right?


london :: day three

25 May

*editorial note: i started this post over a month ago, so it’s not as irrelevantly timed as it may seem.

i have to say, day three in london rocked my socks off. i have a deep love for camden, cultivated through many, many books set in north london, especially those by my favorite author, nick hornby.

camden town

love the wikipedia description: “it is well-known for its markets, liberal attitude and associations with popular culture.” indeed, it is.

camden market

i don’t know how we missed the markets the last time i was in london, but somehow they eluded us. this time, i stepped out of the tube station and straight onto the bustling high street. it seems corny, but as soon as i was there, i felt like i had found a missing part of myself. it’s the same way i felt when i went to liverpool. this makes me wonder how many parts of myself are unaccounted for.

street clothes

camden high street is chock-a-block full of shops of all kinds: music, piercing, tattoos, clothes, shoes, furniture, and, of course, souvenirs.

street clothes II

the street fashion was crazy, which was amusing and, at the same time, made me feel middle-aged in my jeans, converse, and black t-shirt. the converse were pink, though.


um, the food was outrageous. in one of the markets, it was international delight with moroccan, chinese, thai, indian, italian, mexican, greek, and on and on and on food stalls. i had a huge chinese takeaway for under 3 quid.

canal boats

i headed down to the lock after lunch and watched the boats from the bridge.


just past camden lock and around the corner was my dream street.


hello, loverly domiciles. i want to live on this street. the purple house will do just fine, thank you.


i headed over to covent garden for the afternoon in search of some quirky pint glasses, but to no avail. there were some pretty impressive street performers, though, including the living statues that lined the path to the market.


one of the best parts of covent garden is the london transport museum. there’s no need to go into great detail on my love for the underground, but just know that it’s deep and it’s real. i spent the better part of the afternoon wandering around the aisles of the gift shop, delighting in all the nerdy underground goodness.

punch & judy pub

i went to the punch & judy pub for a pint and after three sips of london pride, i was buzzed. let’s just say it was a happy afternoon after that.

trafalgar square

i ended the afternoon at another of my favorite london spots: trafalgar square. i love just sitting on the steps to the national portrait gallery and watching people.


doing the iPod shuffle…

19 May

so, i totally stole this from facebook, to which i am now totally addicted, there’s no way to deny it. i’m turning my iTunes to shuffle (technically, it is almost always on shuffle. my friend gives me a hard time about not listening to albums all the way through, but that’s how i prefer my music – random) and i’m listing the first 25 songs and i promise not to skip the embarrassing ones. in fact, they will be denoted with an asterisk (*) for your gloating pleasure.

format: number. song – artist – album

1. re: stacks – bon iverfor emma, forever ago

2. burn your life down (live) – tegan & sara – live session (iTunes exclusive) ep

3. casimir pulaski day – sufjan stevenscome on feel the illinoise!

4. here comes santa claus – trey johnson – homemade christmas compilation

5. electric feel – mgmtoracular spectacular

6. can song – sonic youthgoo

7. field day jitters – tripping daisyjesus hits like an atom bomb

8. play for today – the curestaring at the sea: the singles 1979-1985

9. fight test – the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots

10. on the flip of a coin – the streetseverything is borrowed

11. like spinning plates – radioheadamnesiac

12. *blueberry pie – bette midlerfor our children

13. nice ‘n’ easy – frank sinatragold frank sinatra

14. pet sounds – the beach boyspet sounds

15. that was the worst christmas ever! – sufjan stevenssufjan stevens: songs for christmas

16. back in your head – tegan & sarathe con

17. when you sleep – cakeprolonging the magic

18. it’s almost a trap – architecture in helsinkifingers crossed

19. *the trouble with love is – kelly clarksonlove actually soundtrack

20. swedes in stockholm – tokyo police club – your english is good/swedes in stockholm – single

21. yuko and hiro – blurthe great escape

22. still remains – stone temple pilotspurple

23. leash – pearl jamvs.

24. right by conquest – the fiery furnaceswidow city

25. raincoat song – the decemberistsalways the bridesmaid: vol. 3

overall, not too bad. i cringed each time a new song came on fearing i would have to divulge a guilty pleasure.

oh, go on, i’ll give you one for free: sara by starship. i honestly don’t even know how i got this, but i don’t always skip to the next song when it comes on…

elle aime

18 May

have you ever wanted to live somewhere else? not just in another city or country, but in a different time, a different world? and not just live, but live (i could so easily spin off on a linguistic tanget here).

lately, i find myself wanting to live and live in a world directed by jean-pierre jeunet. i would seriously entrust him with the characterization, plot, mood, set, and script of my life. i love his artistic eye and the wit, joy, sorrow, beauty, and life his films portray.

i especially love this short film, where dominique pinon’s character simply states what he knows about himself: what he likes. what he doesn’t like.

if my life were narrated in french, what would j’aime? when people ask me what i like, i always uh, um my way through a less-than-eloquent reply. i should know these things without hesitation.

i want to cultivate a pleasure for the small things in life and i don’t think you can take pleasure in simple things unless you can recognize what makes you heart flutter a bit. so i’ve decided to start a small journal of these things as i come across them. things i know about myself. things that i like.

elle aime

the things can be simple or profound, i’m not picky. i just want to keep a record of myself for myself. and maybe for someone else. i would love to look at my family & friends’ lists and see what makes them happy. the little oddities in life that make them smile.

i like...

so, elle aime. she likes. we’ll see.

so, yeah…

17 May

remember that quilt i started in january? it was a lap quilt. a quick project. heh.

sewing machine

well, i guess it could have been quick if i had actually put forth an effort, which, clearly, i did not, because, looking at my calendar, i see that it is now may (you do the math). i’ve been in a weird uninspired funk and i haven’t felt like sewing, crafting, reading, (ahem) blogging, etc., but today i woke up and thought, “i’ll finish it today! i will!” and what do you know? i did.

sewing maps

i love the backs of quilts, if done neatly and correctly. it’s almost like a fabric map of city streets, lines intersecting and running parallel and hiding something unknown and interesting underneath the surface.

quilt top

the lap size quilt is actually pretty big. it would be great to take on a picnic, assuming i did such things. or it would be perfect for a baby, assuming i had such things. now i just have to do the actual quilting bit, which i’ve never done. i know someone, though. i’ll let you know in another few months…