quick craft…

4 Apr

old frame II

a few weeks ago, i went to an estate sale with some friends and it was prime vintage goodness everywhere. vintage as in tacky toadstool & gnome paintings (which my friend bought), old felt hats from the 1940s, almost-antique kitchen appliances, more than one ceramic owl (i bought two), and on and on for several rooms. clearly, somebody’s nana had bought some things in her heyday and never purchased anything ever again. in the corner of the old girl’s bedroom was a pile of empty frames. most were broken or badly chipped, but amongst the pile i found this great green frame, perfectly aged and ready for a project.

old frame I

as soon as i saw the green & brown patina, i knew i wanted to put my vintage illustrations in it… somehow. i’m not one for traditional framing techniques (matted photos behind glass, etc.), so i thought of making a french bulletin board. i know these might be a bit late 1990s, but tdb. all i had to get was some foam board and ribbon (i already had the checkered fabric in my stash) and within an hour i had a new frame for my prints.

old frame III

i hung it in my kitchen and i quite like it. and i can change out the prints as i find more vintage kitchen loveliness.

old frame iv

but really, how could i find anything cuter than marching milk bottles and wonderfully straight-and-narrow prose?

“but that was not all. some of the cars were filled with all sorts of good things for boys and girls to eat — big golden oranges, red-cheeked apples, bottles of creamy milk for their breakfasts, fresh spinach for their dinners, peppermint drops, and lollypops for after-meal treats.”

sigh. sometimes, i really do wish i could be wisked away to yesteryear.


2 Responses to “quick craft…”

  1. Twins' Mom May 5, 2009 at 7:28 pm #

    Where’ve you got to?

  2. Felicia May 6, 2009 at 1:50 pm #


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