london :: day two

2 Apr


after a long lie-in the second morning, i headed out to greenwich. this entailed numerous tube line switches (which i really loved, actually – more stations crossed off on my life’s list) and a short ride on the docklands light railroad. i wandered for a bit up and down cute winding streets before stopping at in rhodes bakery, where i picked up the best sandwich i had on the trip – “white baguette with parma ham, parmesan, rocket and pesto.” so simple and so good (s–we have to make these!).

greenwich university

though the skies were lovely and ominous, no rain fell that day. the past two times i’ve been to london, i haven’t gotten to use my umbrella, which really is a shame because: a) i love rainy days, especially rainy london days; and b) my umbrella is a really great burberry umbrella from a wonderful friend and i want to pop it open in london at some point in my life. the clouds did look awesome rolling over the entrance to the univeristy of greenwich, even if they wouldn’t spill for me.

royal observatory

after checking out the greenwich market (which was pretty much a bust, sadly), i headed out to greenwich park and the royal observatory in search of two hemispheres colliding.

both hemispheres

after waiting ages for throngs of tourists and british school children to clear the area, i finally snapped a pic of my feet on both the eastern and western hemispheres. this is the prime meridian, megan, as opposed to the international dateline (sorry, inside joke). i loved the maritime vibe in greenwich. it very much made me want to listen to the decemberistscastaways and cutouts or the crane wife.

borough market

after leaving greenwich, i headed through the borough market on my way to the south bank. on my last trip, i went to the market on an operating day (thursdays, fridays, and saturdays) and it was awesome. the selection of good, quality produce, meats, and breads would make anybody want to gush about food in the manner of jamie oliver.

tate modern

i finally made it to the tate modern, which i completely loved. i’m actually left scratching my head as to why i did not go on previous trips, though, really, i know the answer. the feet can only move so much and so far on any given day. i literally sat on the benches outside this museum on both trips thinking, ‘i will never, not ever, move another step.’

tate modern birch trees

i crushed pretty hard on the birch trees outside the museum. i’ve always had a fondness for birch trees, as my aunt in michigan lives on birch street. i remember excitedly looking out the window of the family van as we drove down the birch-lined street toward one of my most favorite places in the world. seeing these birch trees in another of my favorite places in the world was a bit sentimental.

millennium bridge & st. paul's cathedral

i did get to the point mentioned above where my feet just wanted to stop with all the walking already. thankfully, it was right in front of the millennium bridge, a perfect spot for people-watching, which is exactly what i did before heading home for the night.


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