25 Feb

shall we just gloss over the fact that i haven’t been blogging? nevermind that one of my sweets just had another babe and has squeezed in more than a few posts since then. i have no such excuse. but just because i haven’t been blogging my life doesn’t mean i haven’t been living.

i feel very cozy with my life right now. i don’t think i’ve ever really felt that way and it seems really weird and a bit unnerving to feel that way. especially right now amidst more than a few changes, surprising turn-of-events, and general moments of chaos and utter panic. but, in general, i’m having one of those odd little moments when you really like your life. when you like where you are and you especially like who you are. is it because i am in fact having the best year of my life thus far? i must be.

i thought i’d share a few of my favorite spots & things in my apartment, just because. these things add to the coziness of my life right now.


my first quilt, which always rests on this corner of my couch, begging to be unfolded for a night of reading or knitting.

funny guys

my wall of funny guys. i really love these prints, especially the little boy in the middle. he has such a worried expression, you just want to hug him.

vintage finds I

my slowly-growing collection of vintage odds and ends, which was added to last week with a few good finds, including…

vintage finds II

this charming vintage knitting bag, hand-embroidered and wonderfully intact. sigh.

so, from my own little corner of the world, things are good. things will get even better when i’m in another little corner of the world in a few short days…


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