february reads

4 Feb

so sorry for being a bit late in posting this. i’ve actually spent the last few nights reading, wouldn’t you know.

so, february. the 100s. this summary actually includes quite a mashup of interesting subjects: philosophy (100); metaphysics (110); epistemology (120); parapsychology & occultism (130); philosophical schools of thought (140); psychology (150); logic (160); ethics (170); ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy (180); and modern western philosophy (190). like how they stuck parapsychology & occultism right in the middle? i remember having quite a discussion about that in grad school.

you’ll be happy to know that i’ve already got quite a chunk of my first choice read.

blink: the power of thinking without thinking by malcolm gladwell (153.44)

spook: science tackles the afterlife by mary roach (129) – i really loved her first book, stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers, and can’t wait to read her latest, bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex.

the self-esteem trap: raising confident and compassionate kids in an age of self-importance by polly young-eisendrath (155.2). i don’t have kids, but this comes highly recommended for anybody interacting with ‘those kids today.’

so, yeah, i’m aiming for more than one non-fic read this month because all of these titles really interest me (she said at the beginning of the month when reading optimism is high). here’s hoping.


One Response to “february reads”

  1. Twins' Mom February 4, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    I may have to borrow “Think” when you are done, if that’s alright? Well, I’ve finally started reading Pride and Prejudice again!! I think it has officially been 3 years since I last read it.

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