did somebody say party?

20 Jan

yes, a birthday party for my friend penny. her first birthday party. ever. that’s enough reason to bake a homemade chocolate cake, right? she was baffled that i wasn’t going to make a boxed cake mix cake. she obviously has a lot to learn about me.

ready to bake

the supplies quickly took over my tiny counter. which is probably why i used the wrong measuring cup when adding sifted flour into sifted sugar. yeah. you can’t fix that cock-up. and i didn’t have any more sugar. after two frantic phone calls to two patient and knowledgeable friends who convinced me i couldn’t just take a bit of the flour/sugar mix out of the bowl, i drove pajama-clad to my parents’ house to borrow the proverbial cup of sugar (or four, actually).


let me unequivocally state that it was totally worth getting out in the cold night in my pajamas to get more sugar. as promised, it was “the most deeply-flavored, moist-yet-fluffy chocolate cake” i’ve ever tasted. i didn’t make the homemade frosting as planned, but it still turned out good and got tons of compliments and yummies.

happy birthday

the recipe, you ask? here.

i also learned how to make my friend’s thai spring rolls, which were vegetarian-friendly, as her husband is one of those animal lovers. she also made traditional thai dipping sauces. such a good food night.

penny's spring rolls

happy 25th birthday penny!


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