making me happy…

14 Jan

a raisin & biscuit yorkie. i’ve officially blogged about a british confection twice now. just proof that my british sensibilities are heightened as my trip draws near. i found myself with the afternoon off from work and headed to the british emporium with my friend. to go along with my yorkie, i got some of my other favs, chocolate hob nobs. and i don’t even really like chocolate that much. i’m a sucker for foods with accents.

also making me happy?

pick me up by jeremy leslie and david roberts. it is literally crammed with interesting tidbits and it fits in nicely with my january reading (031.02). the writing is interesting, concise, and humorous. so, okay, it was probably written for kids. that just means there’s a better chance i’ll finish.

i browsed the library stacks for some more interesting 000s and here is what i checked out:

the cult of mac by leander kahney.

the black swan: the impact of the highly improbable by nassim nicholas taleb.

the chances of me actually reading both (well, all three) of these books by the end of this month? highly improbable (take that black sawn!). but i guess that also depends on how/what you consider reading. how do you read?

i learned tonight that people skim books. they scan, skip, jump ahead, etc., and easily consider the book read when they come to the end. that notion terrifies me. it literally has me in a cold sweat. i cannot skim. i cannot scan, skip, nor jump ahead. sometimes, when i glimpse an upcoming paragraph and happen to read a sentence or two, i have to stop, go back to where i was, and read. every. single. word. in. between. it is a total sickness. i feel dishonest saying i’ve read a book if i have not read every single word. maybe that is why i can’t read non-fiction. i try too hard to get every single concept, thought, and proclamation processed that i lose the meaning. i think i just had a realization.

but that still doesn’t change things. i have to read every word on every page before i consider a book read. call me anal. out loud. i know you’ve already been thinking it.


One Response to “making me happy…”

  1. Twins' Mom January 14, 2009 at 11:52 pm #

    So? How was the Yorkie? I’ve been dying to know if I need to head that direction tomorrow to pick one up for myself!

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