on a scale of one to five…

13 Jan

i took a wee break from the books this week and knitted up a half-pipe hat for a friend’s teenage son.

half-pipe hat
(apology for the harsh flash. it was the only way to see the knitted stitches)

i think he liked it.


admittedly, he is not smiling. but it was the fourth or fifth attempt on my part to get a good shot and he wore the hat for the rest of the night. so now we know that pictures don’t tell the whole story.

i found this pattern in debbie stoller’s son of stitch & bitch. it was a fairly easy project, but i did have a tiny bit of a learning curve with the tubular cast-on and grafting. nothing to lose sleep over, but definitely a few wtf?’s along the way. that would be a great measuring tool, by the way. how many wtf?’s would you rate _____? on a scale of one to five, i wouldn’t attempt anything with more than three.


One Response to “on a scale of one to five…”

  1. slh07 January 14, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    Ooo! I DIG it! If you’re taking orders anytime soon, I’d like to get one of these custom made for Drew… 😀 Seriously.

    What has become of your etsy store?

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