on the twenty-fourth day of christmas…

24 Dec

i feel really bad. i do. but things just happen. they just creep up and before you know it, nearly a week has passed without a blog entry. or a christmas song. well, i think tonight will be the last of my christmas series. the series i started with such high hopes and holiday cheer. the cheer hasn’t dried up completely, but there’s only about enough left for one last post.

what have i been doing these last few days? i can’t even remember. i know there was a party (with a LOT of jello shots) last saturday night. let me clarify. there were a lot of jello shots at the party (150 were made for a crowd of 12), but i only had 3. or 4. jolly good stuff.

i also worked on a few more felted sweater projects. an ipod cozy for my cute teen niece, who always admires mine.

skull embroidery

embroidered with a lovely skull from sublime stitching.

ipod cozy I

i attached the embroidered piece to a felted sweater cozy and voila! something functional and slightly snarky.

ipod cozy II

i added a little pocket in the back for earbuds. i hope she likes it. we’ll see tomorrow.

i hope everybody has a wonderful, peaceful, and fun holiday with those you care about the most. i know i will. so, for my last song – my favorite christmas song ever. i love the sweetness and sadness of this song. it became especially poignant for me after the death of my grandparents several years ago. i just love it.

happy christmas!

have yourself a merry little christmas by coldplay.


2 Responses to “on the twenty-fourth day of christmas…”

  1. rikki January 30, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    this is a super cute project. it makes me want to find a cute project to knit, and then start, and then never finish because that’s what i do when i knit.

    • Megan January 30, 2009 at 5:48 pm #

      i’m getting better at finishing knitted projects. i really don’t choose something unless i know somebody is expecting it – nothing like a little pressure!

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