on the eighteenth day of christmas…

19 Dec

it was another deliciously foggy and gray day today and it’s making me feel very british. to boost that brit feeling, i’m drinking some piping hot lady grey tea compliments of my new electric kettle, which i absolutely adore. i got it from my dear friend as part of a very british christmas gift.

i also got a stash of yummy tea, chocolate hob nobs, and a yorkie. i’ll enjoy these this weekend as i curl up with one of my all-time favorite books. i’m reading circle of friends by maeve binchy for, like, the tenth time and it will always be good. i don’t think i’ve ever identified with any character in literature more than i identify with benny hogan.

maybe i’m feeling nostalgic for great britain because… i’m going again. in march. for my birthday. i took the plunge and bought my plane ticket a few days ago. i’ll be there for a week and plan to travel to paris on my actual birthday day. i’m going alone, which i really think will be one of the best things i can do for myself right now. in my assertiveness class, one of the suggestions for leading a more assertive life is to take a vacation alone. they suggested a few days and somewhere semi-local. london may not be semi-local, but it feels safe and comfortable to me, which is all that matters. i have already been daydreaming about what to do all day by myself. people-watching in trafalgar square, craft shopping in north london, hours wandering around the museums, strolling along the thames, taking hundreds (thousands?) of pictures. this will be the trip where i can finally document my love for the tube. to explain that love requires a separate post.

to round off this british post, here’s a groovy little song by a great scottish band. and yes, i know that scottish and british are not the same.


o little town of bethlehem by belle and sebastian. the best part of this song, for me, is the opening dialogue. the things a scottish accent does to me…

p.s. i know for a fact that i won’t be able to post again until sunday. just an fyi, for my own peace of mind really. it’s funny how you get attached to your blog…


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