on the sixteenth & seventeenth day of christmas…

18 Dec

i’ve been remiss. i apologize. stuff just creeps up. like watching the third series of agatha christie’s marple. seriously, i have been a bit pressed for time the last few days and i worked 12 hours yesterday. my friend said that she felt bad that i had to be at work for 12 hours, but doubted the actual working bit. i would be offended, but it’s kinda true.

i am officially done with christmas shopping. i am not done with gift preparation, but i am done with the stores. i went to anthropologie this morning to finish out my list and oh, how i love that store. i want to live in their window displays, dress up in their clothes (like this awesome girl), and sync my ipod to their music rotation. the first time i heard this song was whilst shopping there last christmas.

carol of the bells by the bird and the bee.

now to get a bit traditional. i love going to church on christmas eve. i love all the old, traditional church-y christmas songs and singing silent night by candlelight. i particularly love o holy night. here is a beautiful take on my traditional favorite. this is a great, great, great christmas album. get it.

o holy night by sufjan stevens.


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