on the fifteenth day of christmas…

16 Dec

it finally got cold. really freaking cold. yay! i’m sitting at my computer with a blanket on my lap and fuzzy orange slippers on my feet. it is cloudy, icy, cold, and wet. perfect weather. and to think that it was almost 80 degrees yesterday.

kitchen table

i had my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces over for dinner yesterday. i have a tiny one bedroom apartment with a tiny little table. we all managed to sit around it, though, for a nice dinner. later we put on a charlie brown christmas and looked at the ornaments on my tree. it’s nice to have family over, especially around christmas. and especially when they make you laugh.

my one niece, d, was looking at the pictures on my wall. i have some mustached babies and an octopus couple and she was describing them in the cutest way. “you have some babies with a mustache on them? (incredulous) and a boy and a girl in an octopus costume?” and then the kicker: “and a guy with a big head?” (my beloved ricky gervais print) to which my b-i-l replied, “yeah, probably.”

my other niece, m (future recipient of the owl pillow, which i am now sure she will like), is quite the texture lover. give her a soft fabric and she’s in heaven. i was showing my sister my felted sweaters and my niece, after climbing over the container several times, decided to just climb in, snuggle down, and chill out.

sweater monster

speaking of texture, here’s a quick decorating tip. wrap up styrofoam balls with leftover bits of different shades and textures of white yarn. instant snowballs.

yarn snowballs

in honor of christmas and families, today’s song is…

that spirit of christmas by ray charles.

and because every family is a little f’ed up, here it is in the best christmas movie ever.


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