on the eleventh day of christmas…

12 Dec

in lieu of a song tonight, i’m posting some good reads, many with audio links. please read these books this christmas. it would make this librarian very happy.

first and foremost, holidays on ice by david sedaris. i’ve read this every christmas for the last four years and i still find it hilarious. i like dinah, the christmas whore and season’s greetings to our friends and family!!, but the best, by far, is the now-classic (to me, anyway) santaland diaries. a few years ago, i saw a one-man play version of this short story and it was perfect. nothing like a sarcastic gay elf to put you in the holiday spirit!

an excerpt from santaland diaries can be found at npr.

in god we trust… all others pay cash by jean shepherd. this may not ring a bell, but if you’ve ever tuned in to tnt on christmas eve, you know. you’ll shoot your eye out! need i say more? i got this book as a present last year from a friend and it contains several short stories, many of which form the basis for the great movie that i could watch twelve times in a row if i didn’t have to go to sleep.

the gift of the magi by o.henry. i love this story. i want love like these two have. sigh.

a christmas carol by charles dickens. i try to read this every year. if you can’t make it through, mickey’s christmas carol is also good.

preface & stave 1

stave 2

stave 3

stave 4

stave 5

dragon’s merry christmas by dav pilkey. how can i explain how much i love this book? i can’t. it’s that sweet. i used to do storytime for preschoolers and i really dreaded the task. but, that one time a year when i could read this book, i loved it. just this week, my supervisee pulled this book for storytime and i sat at the work table and read through it, squealing with delight. really. you can ask her.


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