on the tenth day of christmas…

10 Dec

talking christmas goodwill blues by john wesley harding. this song makes me laugh, especially the bit about “so this christmas it’s just me and you and a large helping of sweet baby jesus.” good times.

the christmas cards are complete. this is my second year to make my cards instead of buying them and i swear last year i decided that this year i would go commercial, but i really do like complicating things. and it’s so hard to find something slightly snarky, which is important. what i really like this year, though, are the envelopes. i am a compete magazine hoarder and i have years and years of old martha stewart magazines. no more! they have been cut and pasted up and now hold my christmas cards.


all you need is an envelope template, remoistenable envelope glue, old magazine pages with interesting pictures, and hours and hours of free time (preferably spent watching dexter). simply trace, cut, fold, glue, fill, send. watch the how-to video. i love that woman.




one more thing off my list. a few more still on it.

and i swear the whole time i was licking the envelopes with the remoistenable glue, i was thinking susan. you know…

i can’t believe this is the only video on you tube about susan’s death on seinfeld. apparently, it has been pulled from syndication because of anthrax scares. well, that just ruins my post.


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