on the ninth day of christmas…

10 Dec

cold hands warm heart by daniel johnson.

last year around christmas time i found this gem of a site. maybe my brother-in-law recommended it. i can’t remember, but it’ll knock your little elf socks off if you like, shall we say, non-traditional christmas music. i like it, so you should, too, if you like me. heh. if only life were a positive correlation.

i made total progress on my christmas cards tonight. they should be safely in their homemade envelopes (more on that soon) and in the hands of our fine postal workers tomorrow morning. so, if you’re a friend or a relative, look out for yours. unless i didn’t send you one and in that case, i guess we’re not as tight as you thought.

finally! pictures of those darn felted sweater stockings. i ended up not giving away the little stocking i made for the gift exchange at work. i like it too much and i don’t think that crowd would have appreciated its thrifted aesthetic. it’s very megan and that makes me happy.


you can’t tell its size, but it’s only about 10 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. i used the ribbed edging of a castoff sweater as the cuff.  i have plans to make more soon.


i made this stocking using the pattern in betz white’s book, warm fuzzies. weird fact: the stocking photographed in the book was made from the same exact sweater. not the actual same exact sweater, but you know… i should embellish the toe and heel, but, as i’m too lazy to carry on, i’m going to confidently state that it looks great as is. the cuff is the same cabled cashmere sweater as the backing for the owl pillow. each sweater goes a long way, don’tcha know.


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