on the eigth day of christmas…

8 Dec

today’s song is special because it is probably one of my least favorite christmas songs… ever. i really can only listen to this once or twice per season, but this person was special and today is the day to listen. so, for john lennon.


happy xmas war is over by john lennon.

check out this site for people’s memories of john lennon (scroll down to the comments section). i feel incredibly lucky to have visited both where john lennon was born and where he died. i went to new york and liverpool a few years ago and words can’t even describe how emotional both spots were. in liverpool, i went to the beatles museum and, at the end of the walk-through tour, there is a room with only john’s glasses in a case and all you hear is imagine. total silent-tears-steaming-down-my-face moment.

another christmas gift idea. sugar scrub. i have made about ten jars of this so far and it is super easy and pretty cheap, if you make a lot.

mix: 1 cup sugar in the raw; 1/2 cup cane sugar; 2 tablespoons lemon juice; 1/4 cup oil (use jojoba, almond, apricot, grapeseed, etc., oil – not canola, vegetable, or olive oil!); essential oil drops (any flavor, using as much as needed to smell good to you!)


if you double the recipe above, it should be enough to just fill three 1.2 cup twist & seal rubbermaid containers. i made my first few batches using grapefruit essential oil. then, a lady from my work started making them as prezzies and we switched scents. the second batch are orange-peppermint and smell so freaking good.


i have a 2.5-inch round circle punch and used that to make labels/toppers for the jars. so easy. check out martha stewart for some more homemade bath goodies.


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