on the third day of christmas…

4 Dec

i probably should have started with this song on day one of this little project.

the twelve days of christmas by john denver & the muppets. such fondness for the furry ones! i have a special place in my heart for fozzie, rowlf, and gonzo. not so much for miss piggy & kermit, though. now i totally wanna watch the muppets take manhattan. i guess i can settle for the video of this song.

i finished up a homemade christmas present today and i’m almost done with my felted sweater stocking, which i’ll for sure have pictures of by the weekend. i haven’t done any actual christmas shopping and i’m feeling quite resistant to doing so. i really like to build up a list and get everything done in one day. that one day needs to be soon, though, or my poor nieces and nephew will get nothing. i’ll be aunt grumpy instead of aunt gigi. musn’t let that happen.


2 Responses to “on the third day of christmas…”

  1. SBROW December 4, 2008 at 10:36 pm #

    I absolutely love the John Denver/Muppets album! I now have it on CD but also still own the LP since childhood. Nothing like the warm crackle of a loved record around Christmastime. Good choice.
    Ever hear the Eisley Christmas song?

    • Megan December 4, 2008 at 10:58 pm #

      i think i got that album from you actually! and speaking of eisley… that is my next choice. you’re one cool b-i-l, dude.

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