on the second day of christmas…

2 Dec

it’s december 2nd and if i want to make it through all my christmas tv watching, i’d better get started. if you didn’t already know, i love the british. everything about them. really. and i especially love their kooky comedies. i did a major project in grad school on british comedies and how i would classify them if i were a librarian at the bbc. um, did you also know that i’m a bit of a dork? here is my list of british comedy christmas specials not to be missed this holiday season.

the vicar of dibley – the christmas lunch incident. my most very favorite ever.

the vicar of dibley – winter

are you being served? – christmas crackers

are you being served? – the father christmas affair

father ted – a christmassy ted

to the manor born – 1979 christmas special

the thin blue line – yuletide spirit

absolutely fabulous – cold turkey

good neighbors/the good life – 1977 christmas special (silly, but it’s fun…)

the office – christmas special

extras – christmas special

blackadder – blackadder’s christmas carol

it’s nice to know that so many people are uploading these videos online. god bless youtube.

okay, here’s my second christmas song.

maybe this christmas by ron sexsmith. i really love the hopeful tone of this song, especially the bit about love maybe appearing deeper than ever before. maybe this christmas…


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